1.3 Liter Ultrasonic Cleaner Digital

This professional 1.3 liter digital Ultrasonic cleaner is CE marked. The Ultrasonic uses ultrasound up to 40 kHz and an appropriate cleaning solvent to clean items with a temperature up to 80(C°) degrees. In combination with one of our autoclaves we can assure your instruments are clean and sterilized.

1.3 Liter Ultrasoon Reiniger Analoog
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Meer informatie
Tankvolume in liters 1.3 L
Uitwendige afmetingen (lxbxh) 190 x 170 x 195 mm
Tankafmeting 150 x 140 x 65 mm
Werkingsfrequentie 40
Ultrasoon transducers 1
Ultrasoon vermogen 60 Watt
Verwarming (°C) tot 80°C
Verwarming (W) 100 Watt
Timer 1-99 minuten
Afvoer Nee
Handgrepen Nee
CE-markering Ja